John Spiegelman

Commissioner, Abington Township, Ward 11

Comprehensive Communication

Right now, you can watch Board of Commissioners on cable access or the Township website, or you can read about what happened at those meetings in the paper, a Commissioner’s e-mail bulletin, or a (virtually extinct) Township newsletter. Regardless of the medium, however, if you get your info that way, it’s OLD NEWS. That’s all stuff that’s happened already, votes that are over and done with. I plan to get reliable contact info for EVERY household in Ward 11, so that I know who’s uses e-mail, who’s on Facebook, who reads Twitter feeds, who does everything via text message, and who can be reached only through a phone call or a printed flyer. Then as soon as I get the agenda of every upcoming Board or subcommittee meeting, I’ll broadcast it so that people can

  • Share their opinions;
  • Plan to attend a meeting if they deem it necessary; or, if nothing else,
  • Know what’s going on BEFORE the big votes happen.

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