John Spiegelman

Commissioner, Abington Township, Ward 11

August 15, 2011
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Keeping the Abington Dollar in Abington

Think of all of the traffic that passes through our Township on Old York, Easton, Susquehanna, Old Welsh, and Huntingdon Pike, along with many other major streets. Those are people passing through Abington to get to somewhere and Abington folks headed somewhere else. Ever wonder how many of those folks are going to the movies up in Warrington, or headed to Ambler’s restaurant row, or maybe off to a one-of-a-kind boutique in Doylestown or New Hope? All of that commerce—all of that MONEY—is going someplace else instead of being spent in Abington. If Commissioners work to bring innovative, “destination” small businesses to the Township—if they bring small-biz entrepreneurs, and retail property owners, and Township officials togethers to fill all of the unsightly “empty spots” throughout our community—there’s no reason that we can’t have our own restaurant row, our own movie theater, and other businesses that will allow our residents to spend their money right here. And all of those cars that come through Abington anyway? They’ll turn into customers for our newly thriving business districts. That means more money for the Township, which keeps our taxes low.

August 15, 2011
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Comprehensive Communication

Right now, you can watch Board of Commissioners on cable access or the Township website, or you can read about what happened at those meetings in the paper, a Commissioner’s e-mail bulletin, or a (virtually extinct) Township newsletter. Regardless of the medium, however, if you get your info that way, it’s OLD NEWS. That’s all stuff that’s happened already, votes that are over and done with. I plan to get reliable contact info for EVERY household in Ward 11, so that I know who’s uses e-mail, who’s on Facebook, who reads Twitter feeds, who does everything via text message, and who can be reached only through a phone call or a printed flyer. Then as soon as I get the agenda of every upcoming Board or subcommittee meeting, I’ll broadcast it so that people can

  • Share their opinions;
  • Plan to attend a meeting if they deem it necessary; or, if nothing else,
  • Know what’s going on BEFORE the big votes happen.

August 10, 2011
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Me & My Family

  • Educated at Swarthmore College.
  • Abington Township resident for 16 years; proud homeowner in Highland Farms.
  • Married to Ester Eichler, Abington Senior High School’s beloved German teacher, “Frau Eichler.”
  • Our eight-year-old daughter, Amelia, is a Highland Elementary third grader, team gymnast, and avid artist.

August 10, 2011
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A lifetime of Volunteer Service

  • Highland Elementary PTO: Chief Technology Officer; Executive Committee member; Thanksgiving Care & Share and Blood Drive manager; and publisher of Husky Happenings. Known as an innovative thinker who saves money, solves problems, resolves  conflicts, and gets things done.
  • Abington Junior High Musical: Over a decade as a Production Staff member.
  • Friends of the Abington Food Cupboard: Co-founder and Food Drive manager.
  • Roslyn Film Festival (benefits the Roslyn Fire Station): Committee member; red carpet host.
  • CAPT 24-Hour Relay: Coach of Senior High student teams for five years running.
  • Save the Crossing Guard: Co-organizer of the neighborhood group that saved the crossing guard position at Edge Hill and Rockwell.

August 10, 2011
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Experience & Leadership

  • Small business common sense: I have run my own graphic design firm for over 13 years.
  • Real management experience: In the publishing industry, I managed a production team and a department with a multimillion-dollar budget.
  • Leadership under pressure: As an EMT/ambulance crew chief, I learned to lead and make decisions even under extreme pressure.

July 12, 2011
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  • Comprehensive Communication: I’ll tell Ward 11 residents about the important Commissioner votes before they happen, so folks can share their opinions.
  • Keeping the Abington Dollar in Abington: Let’s replace blight with thriving commerce—then Township residents (and everyone else!) can spend their money right here, keeping our taxes low.
  • Protecting Our Quality of Life by fighting bully developers, preserving green space, solving traffic problems, and protecting our environment.